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Frac Iron Transport Unit


1. Frac iron transport unit is used to transport treating pipes and connections to the well site.
2. It is utilized for extreme climates from arctic to desert and tropical conditions.

Features of Frac Iron Transport Unit

• Truck, Trailer or Skid Mounted
• Various Engines
• Built to European Standards (Optional)
• CE Conformity (Optional)
• Various Truck, Trailer and Skid Configurations
• Various Manifold Configurations
• Various Deck Configurations
• Various Treating Iron & Fittings
• Transport Deck with Removable Iron Racks
• Discharge and Suction Manifolds
• Triplex Pump For Pressure Testing (Optional)
• Stiff Boom or Knuckle Crane for Lifting Heavy Iron
• Various Crane Capacities
• Manual, Hydraulic and/or Pneumatic Valves
• Check & Choke Valves
• Ball Injectors
As dedicated hydraulic fracturing equipment provider and manufacturer, we have produced many popular fracturing-use products and put them into market all around the world. Our products, including frac iron transport units, have passed GB/T19001idtISO9001:2008.
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