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Sand Truck Unit

Frac proppant sand transport truck (sand truck unit) is widely used in oil/gas/petroleum well completion. It is applicable for transporting sand and proppant to well site. Frac sand is the material used as a proppant at oil and gas wells during the hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) process to produce petroleum fluids. This high-purity frac sand is mined in specific places and is now being transported all around the country. Our frac proppant sand transport truck is available for extreme climates from arctic to desert and tropical conditions.


1. Truck or Trailer Mounted Frac Proppant Sand Transport Truck (Sand Truck Unit)
2. Built to European Standards (Optional)
3. CE Conformity (Optional)
4. Various Storage Capacities
5. Oilfield Style Bumper Complete with Tow Plate
6. Frontand/or Rear Access Ladder from Trailer Deck
7. Rear Hydraulic Stabilizers
8. Hydraulically Operated Dumper
9. Aluminum or Steel Construction
10. Various Number of Compartments
11. Various Number of Compartment Loading Hatches
12. Rear Slide Gate Hydraulically Actuated Discharge Valve
13. Pneumatic Loading Lines (Optional)
14. Discharge Chute for Sand Discharge Complete with Discharge Valve
15. Remote Hydraulic Controls
16. Full Length Walk Way
17. Fall Arrest System
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