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Data Van

As core monitoring equipment for on-line fracturing, fracturing data van can real-timely collect, display, record related data and information about various pumping and well parameters. Besides, it can analyze and manage this information such as to realize central control on several fracturing pumpers. Adopting international standard data standard, this trailer/skid mounted data van is available in many occasions. It is applicable for fracturing, foamed cementing, acidizing and many other operations. Furthermore, it is capable of working in extreme climates from artic to desert and tropical conditions.

Features of Fracturing Data Van

1. Truck, Trailer or Skid Mounted
2. Various Engines
3. Various Power Generator Systems
4. Built to European Standards (Optional)
5. CE Conformity (Optional)
6. Air Conditioned Customer Job Monitoring Area
7. Various Number of Cable Reels
8. User Friendly Software for Displaying and Processing Data
9. High Performance Computer System
10. VHF Radio Communication
11. Laboratory Facility (Optional)
12. Pressure, Flow and Density Measurement Devices
13. Remote Pumper Controls
14. Remote Blender Controls
15. Emergency Shutdown
16. Software for Design Modeling
17. Satellite Communication System (Optional)
18. Storage Compartments
19. Industrial Grade Computers & Monitors
20. Results can be presented in colour or black and white and can be transferred to various storage disks.
21. Treating information is displayed in digital and graphic format.
22. Operational parameters are measured and recorded every second.
23. Computer equipped with an uninterruptible power supply to ensure no data is lost.
24. Data acquisition system is with various numbers of analogue channels, digital channels, density channels and one temperature channel.
25. Fracturing data van is constructed of insulated metal walls, side doors, counters, storage and windows.
26. Computers are compatible for upgrades with a variety of printers and plotter options.
27. Data collecting, analyzing, controlling is conducted by operators in the air-conditioned data van cab.
28. Data interfaces for information collection and transmission are assembled in the van container, which makes it convenient to connect multiple fracturing equipments.
29. Advanced network systems are optional for clients.

Parameters of Fracturing Data Van

KH5140TYQ Fracturing Data Van
FEM 4 × 2 Chassis/ DFM KINGUN 4 × 2 Chassis / Beiben 4 × 2/4 × 4 Chassis
Diesel Engine Imported fromJapan
UPS Backup Power
Siemens Computing System
Industrial Computer and Printer

Intercom System
8/12 Sets of MOTO Anti-Explosion Interphones
Communication Distance
50 m
Central Control Module
Siemens S7-300PLC; Analog Input/Output Module
Controlling System
Annular/Star-Network Controlling System
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