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Trailer Mounted Frac Blender

Our trailer mounted frac blenders are optimal for many kinds of fracturing operations covering low to mid range rate capacities. This mobile mixing unit is designed to provide superior density control and consistent proppant mixing. Besides, it has the ability to pump nine different chemicals when it is combined with Petrokh’s chemical addition unit.


1. Trailer mounted frac blenders are applicable for higher viscosity fracturing fluids with increased proppant concentrations and low viscosity fluids with low proppant concentrations.
2. On this blender truck, there are stimulation blender, chemical storage additive unit and many other parts. They are designed for use in hydraulic fracturing.
3. Typical operations by this mobile mixing unit is well acidizing and proppant blending.
4. Various diesel engine configurations are offered in order to meet desired HP.
5. Trailer mounted frac blenders can be utilized for extreme climates from arctic to desert and tropical conditions.
6. Our blender trucks have passed CE standards.
7. It is configured with ATL system (automatic tub-levelling system), ACC system (automatic chemical control system) for liquid and dry additives, Suction and discharge manifolds on both sides of the unit, suction and discharge manifold flow meters, twin swing augers, viscometers, pH meter, discharge and suction hoses, data acquisition system, etc.
8. In the trailer mounted frac blender, an air conditioned control cabin offers a clear view of the blender.
8. The mixing systems are driven by hydraulic power.
9. Emergency shutdown is set to make blending safer and more reliable.
10. Even without the data van, it can be used alone.
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