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Manifold Skid

Manifold skid contains high/low pressure manifolds and other components. It is used to connect the fracturing pumpers and the frac blending truck. Due to high/low pressure manifolds’ rigid frame structure and reasonable skid-mounted assembly, this manifold skid is featured with strong resistance to shock and with good cross-country capacity. In this way, it is suitable for fracturing and acidizing work in oil/gas/petroleum well completion. Available working temperature ranges from -40ºC to 50ºC.


Manifold skid typically consists of five ball valves which are arranged as a manifold. The skid-mounted gas manifold is fitted with two ball valves. Oil and gas manifold valves adopt a proven metal-to-metal, double-sealing design to resist harsh environment operations. All models comply with all applicable standards


Manifold skid diverts oil or gas from the separator to crude oil burner for disposal, or to surge tank and gauge tank for measurements and storage, or to a production line. Oil and gas manifold also isolates the test equipment to prevent flow interruption if the testing equipment is pulled out of service temporarily.

Features of Manifold Skid

1. Multiple designs allow for increased variability in flow rate and inlet/outlet configuration.
2. Compared to traditional hammer union alternatives, it is with greater vibration resistance.
3. It is of large sweeping radii in high pressure components for increased strength at connections.
4. More robust wall thickness to prevent failure in high risk areas.
5. Built in coiled-cable suspension for high pressure, component mounting of the manifold skid increases flexibility and reduces risk of cracks.
6. Isolation valves are available for fluid velocity control.


Maximum Pressure 105Mpa
Available Frac Truck Quantity 8 Sets of Fracturing Pumpers
Size of Main Manifold 3”
Size of Branch Manifold 3”
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