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HSC360 Frac Blender

HSC360 frac blender is suitable for providing sand slurry for fracturing units. As blending unit for oil exploitation, it is driven with hydraulic power generated by deck and chassis engines: the diesel engine generates power and put the oil pumps into motion; then, these pumps drive each motor to realize various work links, such as sand conveying, blending, cross-links, fan cooling, and so on.


1. HSC360 frac blender is applicable for heavy duty fracturing operations.
2. With imported brand-name heavy duty chassis, it is features cross-country capacity.
3. Installed power is 760 hp.
4. With ultra displacement, one blending unit is enough for heavy duty fracturing unit.
5. Multifarious automatic controlling systems are equipped, including liquid level control, density control, liquid additive control, dry additive control and discharge control system. Besides, data acquisition, feedback and programmable control operations can all be easily realized

Parameters of HSC360 Frac Blender

HSC360 Frac Blender
Beiben 6 × 4/ Beiben 8 × 4/ Benz 4144
Deck Engine
Cummins QSK-760/DDC S60/CAT C18
Transfer Case
Suction Centrifugal Pump
Discharge Centrifugal Pump
14 ×12”×22”
Maximum Displacement
16 m3/min
Maximum Pressure
0.7 Mpa
Maximum Sand Delivery Capacity
10000 kg/min
Discharge of Liquid Additive
Discharge of Dry Additive
100 L/min
Spiral Conveyor
Blender Tub Capacity
1.5 m3
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